Life Is A Joke

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Led by Antoine Lissoir on the alto sax and clarinet, “life is a joke”started during the hard times of the confinement 2021.

Having much time to write down his own compositions, he decided to gather fellow musicians from different backgrounds to share their own compositions and song writing.

With a great sens of freedom in the interpretation in between themselves, they offer a fresh and unexpected set, exploring various types and styles of improvised music.

From swing to choro via progressive and atmospheric music, they offer rich scales and knowledge of blending styles for an exclusive and very original set.

As serious as it may be, Life’s a joke ! Come listen !

  1. Sweet Garance
  2. Dry Mormont
  3. Chez Laurent
  4. Swing 19
  5. Gecko's Favourite Trails
  6. Isola Rossa
  7. BedWorking
  8. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog
  9. Charlie's Choro
  10. Sven's boots
  11. Li Soir
  12. Frite Sel Stomp
  13. A Jamais
  14. Goodbye Song

Album credits

Antoine Lissoir (sax, clarinet)
Pauline Leblond (trumpet)
Timoté Lemaire (trombone)
Benjamin Clement (guitar)
Frederik Van den Berg (drums)
Andrew Bolton (bass, vocals)